"Embracing What You Can Control in Your Entertainment Career....Lose the Fear, Take the Action!" 
If there was ever a time to focus on what you can control in your entertainment career this is that moment. This interactive
Zoom workshop lead by Certified Career Coach and WIF workshop facilitator Jim Arnoff, will provide you with the coaching
tools to see exactly how you can gain that control through powerful virtual collaborations, envisioning your ideal career, 
tapping into your personal resiliency and creating tangible projects using all of your resources to move that ideal career 
forward now.  You will gain ways to break through blocks, how to tap into your creativity, create new ways to
unleash all of your strengths and design a powerful action plan. This workshop is about connection, support and empowerment 
with your fellow WIF members and yourself.

Friday, April 24th | 1PM PT

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