Join WIF and executives from speciality entertainment financing company The Forest Road Company for an incisive and and empowering conversation about the options available for filmmakers whose productions have been halted due to COVID-19 related setbacks. Our experts will be taking your questions and providing practical advice for navigating the current uncertainty in our media landscape. This will be a vital discussion you can't afford to miss! 

Learn more here and make sure you click here to submit questions in advance of the session for our expert panelists (Zachary Tarica, CEO, The Forest Road Company; John Bails, Director, The Forest Road Company) to tackle! 

Thursday, April 30th | 1PM PT

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Zachary Tarica CEO @The Forest Road Co

Zach manages the company’s loan book, builds our project pipeline, and invests in various ancillary services and tax credits/rebates. Prior to founding Forest Road, Zach was an Energy Sector Head in the Private Equity Group at Brookfield Asset Management, and spent the last 8 years analyzing public and private market distressed credit securities.


John Bails Director @The Forest Road Co

John is responsible for analyzing Forest Road's tax credit activities and projects across film, real estate and renewable energy. John has been an executive at an affiliated group of incentive consulting and finance companies, overseeing the acquisition or financing of more than $300M in tax credits for the entertainment and real estate development industries.

The Forest Road Company
Forest Road is an investor in the independent film space, and an ally for members of the entertainment industry. As a specialty lender and services company, we provide economical solutions through soft-money financing, putting cost-effective capital in the hands of innovators. With over $300M in capital ready to deploy against tax credits and various forms of senior debt - including presales, gap, minimum guarantees, backstops, and studio/streamer license agreements - we are constantly finding creative solutions to support projects in need, and bring unique stories to life. To date, FRC has used its capital to provide financing for over 60 films. For more information, please visit: