"Baby Love" is a single-camera half-hour comedy about two childhood besties, Evie and Jessie, both unlucky in love and fertility, who decide to cut out the “middle man” and have a baby together. Inspired by the real life friendship of Miranda Kent and Danielle Weeks, after having witnessed countess female friends struggling with fertility and aging -- they saw that the reality of the "biological clock” shatters the fantasy that women can “have it all”. Baby Love explores the journey two women take to reinvent their path to family with humor, heart, and hormones.

Followed by a Q&A hosted by WIF Member Deena Adar (Director/EP) along with crew: Danielle Weeks & Miranda Kent (Co-Creators, Co-Producers, Co-Stars), and Sabrina Gimenez (Editor)

During the Q&A, we'll chat about the inspiration behind Baby Love. We'll cover topics such as the stigma around infertility, the strength of female friendship and being a "woman of a certain age", and pushing back on societal expectations and the idea of meeting "the one" in order to make a family.


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