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CASE STUDY: Plan to Pilot to Pitch
Join the filmmakers of BABY LOVE for a screening of their show pilot and a funny, informative Q&A about their creative process, as well as the way the show seeks to normalize and destigmatize infertility with heart and humor. 
Thursday, October 24
Women In Film Office
4221 Wilshire Blvd Suite 130
Los Angeles, CA 90010
IMPORTANT PARKING & ENTRANCE INFORMATION:  Please park in the building's garage (entrance to the garage is on Windsor Ave). Parking is free after 6 pm. Proceed to the lower levels and take the elevator to the lobby (first floor). Please sign in with the guard at the front desk then proceed to Suite 130. THE PARKING GARAGE GATE CLOSES FOR NEW ENTRIES AT 8:00 PM.  There is street parking available, but if you arrive after 7 pm, the front doors on Wilshire Avenue will be closed and locked.

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